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I’ve been invited, together with Martina Merlini, to an event that took place in my town Rimini at the beginning of July. The two curators transformed Villa Manzi, a dismissed hotel in front of the beach, in a 3-stories container of art, photography and music.

Martina and I took over a room and filled it with a blend of our (so) different styles, turning an old and modest space with a view on the seaside to -let’s call it- a mess in three dimensions to surround the viewer.

Martina’s part follows her recent pieces on wax, in which she works on a sort of ‘controlled chaos’ of forms, colors and elements, whilst my series of six subjects is based on transitions / solids and empties, as the thumb holds in sequence all the fingers. There’s some tricky detail on my sequence: ideally, the third hand would have a wrong gesture if we consider the rhythm of the sequence itself, but takes anyway its “empty space” thanks to the missing door and gives a balance to the picture.

But the most interesting part of the whole collaboration is for sure the blending of Martina’s dense, colorful abstract part with my minimal and essential figurative work, so I’d say there’s also a macro-transition from two opposites: chaos to order, color to b&w, abstract to figurative and so on…

It’s been super fun and challenging to work with Martina, especially trying to achieve a consistent harmony between her informal work and my figurative pieces.

Some pics by Davide Farabegoli