Art Basel Miami 2014 Recap


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December’s first week in Miami is quite hectic. Art basel Miami, Scope and many other art fairs attract a huge number of visitors, art buyers, collectors and, of course, artists. Together with some good friends and artists from Italy (2501, Gola and Zamoc), I decided to pay a visit for the first time to this kind of great circus, located mostly in the art district called Wynwood, a once poor and industrial area which is rapidly gentrifying due to the art business, carrying on itself all the social pros and cons related to this fast shift.

A few days after our arrival we found this wall of Vice Gallery in Wynwood. The owners were kind enough to let me, Gola and Zamoc to paint a collab. This unusual blend of our three styles aim to symbolizes the connection between man, nature and animal.

I chose to paint a portrait of Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta, ancient ruler of my hometown. Challenged by the intense use of colors of my two mates, I went for the experimental way, adding for the first time a palette of dark tone colors to my usual preponderant black. My piece is a homage to a much more old and important Sigismondo’s portrait made on fresco by italian master Piero Della Francesca.


A few days passed and luckily I was again painting a wall: this time on the front of Yo Amo 305 Gallery (thank you Alex!), where I did this solo piece that resembles the study table of a scholar (the door was previously painted by 2501).

See you Miami, it’s been a blast!