That New-New Limited Edition Goodness (Yes It’s Christmas Time!)

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Some of the late minute xmas gift buyers and things-with-a-number-and-signature-on fanatics might be happy to know that I recently released a couple of new limited edition prints.

The first one’s a screen print made in collaboration with the guys at Viavai Project. “Omnia Mutantur” is named and inspired after the first mural I painted in Racale, during the last summer for the aforementioned Viavai, an unconventional public art project in southern Italy.

It’s printed in two colors, black plus a laminated gold foil on a 50×70 cm (19.7×27.5 in).
50 copies only, signed, numbered and certified by the artist.

You can get one by sending an email to:


I also teamed up with Bonobolabo Shop and Gallery for this fine skate deck printed in 3 colors, inspired by the same piece I made at CISIM in Ravenna in 2013

“A Path Of Struggle Through A Kingdom And Its Crown” is limited to 30 pieces only, of which 15 come with an exclusive hand-pulled gold leaf finish, signature and numbered 1 to 15.

Whether you’re going to shred it or hang it, get yours at


Last but not least, I still got a bunch of linoleographies in my shop. There’s just a couple of Handskull prints left, waiting to be hanged on a nice wall, a few copies of Franciscus Et Seraphim print with hand-pulled golden foil and much more stuff to be collected. Whoot!