In 1977, while both disco music and punk ruled the world, I began my own life’s journey, during a habitual italian hot summer. Since childhood I spent much more time drawing on paper than playing soccer as most of the other italian kids did. I think that it could be considered kind of weird by any italian “signor Rossi”, but who really cares? Creating images just fascinated me.

When I was 12 I saw for the first time some unusual paintings on a wall of my city: I got in touch with Graffiti, that became soon one of the most important things of my life. Being a writer has been my way for more than ten years. It’s been the reason to spend hours and hours sketching and passing many cold nights outside on a mission and it certainly has a big influence on me and the way I visualize paintings nowadays.

In the mid nineties I have been named as one of the three most influential graffiti writers of my country.

After more than a decade as a graffiti writer, my art progressively faded into figurative, supported by a broader selection of media.

In 2007 I took part in the first official group show about street art in Italy, Street Art Sweet Art, at PAC (Contemporary Art Pavilion in Milan).

I found human and animal bodies, especially hands and weird face expressions, very captivating. I started a research about lines, shapes and solid aspects of the colours. Subjects painted are often idealized and slightly surreal. Strokes become bones, while paint’s matter turns into flesh.

I love to make my works on useless and broken items. Painting becomes more intense and dramatic whilst the support gets a whole new dimension and dignity.

I still keep on painting in the streets and abandoned places, although I don’t care that much about being considered as a street artist. I don’t care about definitions.
I just love to paint walls as well as a canvas or a nice piece of wood.

I currently live & paint in Rimini, Italy.