Basik, who has been active since the beginning of the Nineties as a graffiti writer, has developed his personal style switching from spray paint to a broader range of media over the years, mixing elements of his writer’s background with inspirations from art from the middle ages onward, as well as modern and contemporary art and typography.

The essential and well defined features of his works thinly remind of influences from graphic design, whilst the material approach of his latest production enlightens the need of
a more intense connection between the artist, the subject depicted and the support.

His figurative works lately focus in particular on hands’ gestures and take inspiration from distinctive traits in popular culture, religious imagery and symbolism.

At the end of the nineties he is awarded by the specialized magazine Aelle as one of the three most influential graffiti writers of his country.

In 2007 his paintings are featured in the huge collective show Street Art Sweet Art at PAC (Contemporary Art Pavilion) in Milan, which definitely officialised the street art movement in Italy.

Basik has exhibited in San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, Berlin and Milan, among other cities.

He currently lives and works in Rimini, Italy.