Tabula Aut Mortem show at Avantgarden gallery. The full recap


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So, it’s been almost ten days since my show Tabula Aut Mortem started at the beautiful Avantgarden gallery in Milan, Italy.
I finally managed to write a proper post about it, including some decent pictures of both the pieces shown and the vernissage evening.

Tabula Aut Mortem is a tribute to skateboard culture’s visual art and includes a revisitation of some of the most famous graphics and illustrations on deck of the Eighties and early Nineties, throughout my personal view. It’s a true homage to masters of art such as Jim Phillips and Vernon Courtland Johnson, just to name a few.

That being said, taking inspiration on existing artworks like the famous Tony Hawk Chicken Skull or Rob Roskopp Eye, and reworking them with my style, thoughts and influences has been also a very good excuse to make small installations, where the painting is only a part of a more complex work.

Photos by Marco Montanari.



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